DELETED: UNRWA's ex-spokesman Chris Gunness glorifies Hamas hanging “collaborators”

In a December 23, 2019 tweet that was just deleted today, Chris Gunness, the spokesman of UNRWA from 2007 until his departure earlier this year, made light about the hanging of “collaborators” by Hamas:

Twas the night before Christmas, with all across The Strip
Not a Qasam Rocket crackled, under Israel’s tight grip.
Collaborators twitched as they hung in the air
On the lamp posts that glistened in Palestine Square

Why is a former top UN official glorifying murder?
This latest rant by Gunness is hardly his first:

Gunness has previously justified the stabbing of Jews, even as he pretended that he didn’t:

Why do the EU, Germany, Britain and Canada give tens of millions of dollars annually to UNRWA, even though its leading officials glorify murder?


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