Erdogan's Turkey Deports Palestinians to War-Torn Syria

Erdogan angry
Based on report by Action Group for Palestinians of Syria
May 30, 2015 – Unprecedented: Turkish authorities deported nine Palestinian Syrian refugees to the north of Syria, who were arrested while trying to reach Greece.
According to one of the deportees, they had been arrested in the Turkish city of Izmir, where they were harassed by the security men. They were then deported by bus to a border camp, as they were told.
Suddenly, however, at the border the soldiers transferred them outside of the Turkish border, telling them they were forbidden from entering Turkish territory for a year.
The refugees stressed that the Turkish authorities did not give them any official document confirming the reason for deportation.
For their part, activists saw that this move constitutes a great threat to the lives of refugees owning to the acts of bombing and clashes in northern Syria, and noted this violated international law prohibiting the return of refugees to areas of conflict from which they fled.


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