Hillel Neuer Turns the Tables on Turkey in UN’s Anti-Israel Debate

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Testimony by UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer at UNHRC 43, June 15, 2020

Syria: The Israeli occupation disregards the U.N. Charter and its relevant resolutions under international law, and commits grave and gross violations.

PLO: The occupying force intensified its attacks against civilians…

Venezuela: We reject the long-standing occupation of Palestinian territories, and arbitrary detention and the use of torture and other cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment.

Cuba: Israel must withdraw from the occupied Syrian Golan…

Iran: Palestinians are now living under a brutal apartheid military occupation…

North Korea: We are seriously concerned over the continued violations of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territory and in the occupied Syrian Golan…

UNHRC Chair: I now give the floor to United Nations Watch.

UN Watch: Madam President,

This is a debate on “occupied Arab territories,” and so I wish to speak about a country that illegally occupies Arab territories, controlling 4 million people.

For decades, this country’s leaders pledged their country would never pursue any sort of territorial expansion. Yet, in recent years, it has repeatedly invaded and occupied Arab territories, committing ethnic cleansing against hundreds of thousands of people.

According to a new report by Genocide Watch, in areas under control of this country’s military forces, civilians have been subjected to crimes against humanity, towns were bombed and destroyed, hundreds were summarily executed. Women have been kidnapped and subjected to sexual slavery. Secret prisons hold hundreds who are routinely tortured. Now, in these occupied Arab territories, residents have been made dependent on the occupier’s electricity grid, postal services, food imports and other logistical support. Last month, the occupier turned off the water to more than 460,000 people.

Madam President, I am speaking, of course, about Turkey and its illegal occupation of northern Syria.

We ask: If this Council truly cares about occupied Arab territories, why has it failed to adopt a single resolution to defend the victims of Turkey’s illegal occupation of northern Syria, an occupied Arab territory?

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