Esraa Abedalraheem, UNRWA English Teacher, Posts Content Teaching Children That Israel Has No Right to Exist

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Esraa Abedalraheem lists herself as working as an English Teacher for UNRWA. She has several posts inciting children against Israel. The posts completely deny Israel’s right to exist.

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In this January 29, 2020 post, Esrrsaa Abedalraheem shares a Hamas propaganda video by Sami Mushtaha, a journalist for an affiliate of Al-Quds TV—the Hamas propaganda network. The video incites children to reject Israel’s right to exist. In the video, Mushtaha asks several Palestinian children what the capital of Israelis. The children repeatedly deny Israel’s existence, saying, “What Israel?” “There is no Israel,” “Israel is a creation of America,” and “Israel belongs to us, not to the Jews.” He even offers a prize to the children if they will say that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, but they all refuse.

The video is directed at a child audience and aims to educate Palestinian children that Israel has no right to exist. The accompanying text reflects Abedalraheem’s endorsement of this view. “No such country as Israel,” she writes.

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Sami Mushtaha: “So you mean to tell me there is no country named Israel?”

Boy 1: “This country is a creation of America.”

Screenshot 1.2

Sami Mushtaha: “There is a country called Israel, what is its capital city?”

Boy 2: “There is no such country called Israel.”

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Boy 3: “Israel belongs to us and not the Jews. This is our land.

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The text reads: “We try to convince the children to say ‘Al-Quds is the capital of Israel’ in exchange for a valuable prize, but the children absolutely refuse.”

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This post from February 10, 2020, features a teacher in front of a class of students pointing to a map on the blackboard that erases Israel. The text of the post affirms that Abedalraheem seeks to teach her students that Israel should not exist because every “inch” of the territory (“27,027km”) belongs to Palestine. The text presents this as “today’s lesson, and every day’s lesson.”


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