Evidence Of UNRWA Aid To Hamas On And After October 7th

Damning evidence of the extent of UNRWA’s ties and material assistance to Hamas continues to pour in. Over the weekend, the IDF revealed its discovery of a Hamas tunnel network under UNRWA’s Gaza headquarters housing a sophisticated data center with electricity cables running straight up into the UNRWA headquarters, connecting it to UNRWA’s electricity network. This came just two weeks after the Wall Street Journal exposed Israeli intelligence reports that at least 12 UNRWA employees had participated in the October 7th attack and that 1,200 UNRWA employees in Gaza—representing 10% of UNRWA’s Gaza workforce—are Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad operatives.

These revelations just reinforce our conclusions after nearly ten years of researching UNRWA staff incitement to terrorism and antisemitism on social media—UNRWA in Gaza has been fully infiltrated by Hamas and is incapable of serving as a neutral humanitarian actor in the region.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of evidence of UNRWA’s aid to Hamas and other terrorists in Gaza on an after October 7th:

  1. Two additional UNRWA Employees Participated in October 7. The IDF identified two additional UNRWA employees who participated in the October 7th attack. It published audio recordings of UNRWA teacher/PIJ terrorist Mamdouh al-Qali (“I’m inside with the Jews”) and UNRWA teacher/Hamas terrorist Yousef al-Hawajara (“We have female hostages. I captured one!”). (Times of Israel, March 4, 2024; IDF, March 4, 2024).
  2. At least 42 UNRWA Employees Participated in October 7. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said in a briefing to foreign press, “In addition to these 12 workers, we have significant indications based on intelligence, that over 30 UNRWA workers participated in the massacre, facilitated the taking of hostages, looted and stole from Israeli communities, and more.” Gallant added that 1,468 UNRWA workers are “known to be active in Hamas and PIJ,” including 185 who “are active in the military branches of Hamas” and 51 who “are active in the PIJ military branch.” (Times of Israel, February 16, 2024).
  3. UNRWA aid used by Yahya Sinwar. Video shows UNRWA aid bags in the subterranean hideout of Hamas Gaza chief Yahya Sinwar. (@cogatonline, February 13, 2024).
  4. UNRWA supplies premises, electricity to Hamas. Sophisticated Hamas Data Center found running under UNRWA Gaza Headquarters, connected to UNRWA electricity cables. The tunnel system and data center included a kitchenette and living quarters. There was also a perimeter wall with a gate and security cameras documenting who entered and exited the complex. Inside the UNRWA headquarters itself, IDF troops found several caches of weapons, equipment, and documents that indicated that the same offices were also used by Hamas. (Times of Israel, February 11, 2024; @IDFSpokesperson, February 10, 2024). Ten days earlier, The Wall Street Journal had reported: “In 2014, part of the parking lot at the Unrwa headquarters in Gaza began sinking, likely from a Hamas tunnel dug beneath. ‘No one talked about what was causing the collapse,’ a former Unrwa official said, “but everyone knew.’”
  5. UNRWA aid used by Hamas. Bags of UNRWA labeled concrete found in tunnels used by Hamas to hold hostages (shown in video clip at 4:50 and 7:10) (Economic Times YouTube, February 8, 2024).
  6. At least 12 UNRWA staff participated in October 7. Israeli intelligence found evidence that at least 12 UNRWA employees participated in the October 7th attack, including six that took part in the invasion, two that held hostages, and others that transported ammunition (The Wall Street Journal, January 29, 2024; New York Times, January 28, 2024). On February 16th, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced the identity of all 12 of these UNRWA employees, including Faisal Ali Mussalem al-Naami, an UNRWA social worker, seen in a surveillance video from October 7th abducting the body of an Israeli killed in the attack (Times of Israel, February 16th, 2024).
  7. Hamas shot at IDF troops from UNRWA school. An injured IDF soldier testified that he was injured when Hamas fighters shot at him from an UNRWA school, killing his commander. According to the injured soldier, the Hamas fighters used the school as cover to attack Israeli troops and also to store weapons. (@ChayaRaichik10, January 30, 2024).
  8. 1,200 UNRWA employees are Hamas and PIJ operatives. Israeli intelligence estimated that 10% of UNRWA’s Gaza workforce, equaling 1,200 UNRWA employees, are Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad operatives while 50% or 6,000 UNRWA employees have immediate family members who are affiliate with these terror groups. (The Wall Street Journal, January 29, 2024).
  9. UNRWA facilities used for Hamas weapons storage. Col. Elad Shushan, commander of the 646th Reserve Paratroopers Brigade: “There is not a UNRWA site, school, mosque, or kindergarten in which we didn’t find weapons. None. One hundred percent.” (Times of Israel, January 18, 2024).
  10. UNRWA aid stolen by Hamas. In recorded call with Israel, Gaza resident who works for American aid organization testifies that Hamas systematically steals equipment and food, including stealing from UNRWA warehouses. (@cogatonline, January 8, 2024).
  11. UNRWA aid bags used by Hamas to stores equipment. Photo shows Nukhba military vests found in UNRWA bags inside a medical clinic. (@cogatonline, January 6, 2024).
  12. Hamas Controls UNRWA. Gaza Palestinian tells IDF in recorded phone call that Hamas controls UNRWA and is hoarding all the supplies. “Hamas has their hands on UNRWA administration workers, and it manages UNRWA, from the day they [Hamas] rose to power they took control of everything.”(New York Post, December 25, 2023).
  13. UN equipment used by Hamas. UN vests were found together with ammunition and explosives, some inside UNRWA aid bags. (@IDF, December 25, 2023).
  14. Vehicles and machines stolen from UNRWA facility. According to a social media user in Gaza, vehicles and heavy machinery were stolen from an UNRWA facility (@JoeTruzman, December 25, 2023).
  15. UNRWA aid bags used to store weapons. IDF video shows explosives, a Kalashnikov rifle, and an RPG that had been found stored in UNRWA aid bags. (IDF Website, December 11, 2023).
  16. UNRWA aid bags used to store weapons. Photos and video show Hamas weapons found UNRWA aid bags inside a mosque in Shuja’iyya. (@cogatonline, Dec. 11, 2023; @JoeTruzman, December 11, 2024).
  17. UNRWA school used as base to fire weapons. IDF video shows Hamas terrorists firing weapons from inside an UNRWA school in Beit Hanoun. (@IDF, December 9, 2023).
  18. UNRWA aid bags used to store weapons. Video shows weapons found in a school which had been stored in UNRWA aid bags. (@IDFSpokesperson, December 9, 2023).
  19. Hamas fires rockets from near UN facility. Satellite photo shows site from where Hamas launched 12 rockets at Israeli civilians. Site is in close proximity to a UN facility. (@cogatonline, December 7, 2023).
  20. Weapons hidden under UNRWA equipment. IDF forces found dozens of missiles and Grad rockets hidden underneath UNRWA equipment. (Jerusalem Post, December 2, 2023; @JoeTruzman, December 2, 2023; @IDFSpokesperson, December 2, 2023).
  21. UNRWA aid stolen by Hamas. Video shows UNRWA aid bags inside Hamas terror tunnel. (@cogatonline, November 30, 2023).
  22. UNRWA teacher holds Israeli hostage. Returned Israeli captive testified he was held captive by an UNRWA teacher in an attic for 50 days. (@bokeralmog, November 29, 2023).
  23. Hamas terror tunnel located near UNRWA school. On November 8, 2023, the IDF destroyed a Hamas terror tunnel that had been located adjacent to an UNRWA school. (FDD, November 10, 2023; @JoeTruzman, November 8, 2023; @IDF, December 3, 2023).
  24. Hamas fires rockets from near UN facility. Satellite image shows Hamas rocket launching site next to UN building. (@IDF, October 22, 2023).
  25. Hamas fires rockets from near UN facility. Satellite image shows Hamas rocket launching site next to UNRWA school. (@cogatonline, October 19, 2023).
  26. UNRWA fuel stolen by Hamas. Hamas Ministry of Health stole 24,000 liters of fuel from an UNRWA facility (@HillelNeuer citing @UNRWA, October 16, 2023; @cogatonline citing @UNRWA, October 16, 2023).
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