Hamas condemns UNRWA for asking Hamas teacher to resign

National News Agency of Lebanon – The political official of Hamas in Tyre, Abdulmajid al-Awad, said during a mass rally that “UNRWA’s decision is unjust, hasty and illegal, and is dominated by the character of blackmail against one of the leaders of trade unionism and national work from the head of the Teachers Union in Lebanon, Fath Sharif, by asking him to resign or open an investigation, in a strong blow to education in Lebanon, which is proud of the achievements of Deir Yassin High School.”

(On October 10th, this same Hamas spokesman said that “the Axis of Resistance aims to annihilate and wipe out Israel from existence.”)

He said, “At a time when we hold onto this agency, we refuse to allow such projects and decisions that aim to strip our employees of their allegiance to their homeland and their right to declare their support for their people being exterminated in the Gaza Strip. We consider this to be a capitulation to the pressure of the occupation and its supporters in destroying the agency through the gateway of national affiliation and sympathy, and the eradication of the right of return from the hearts of the refugees.”

He believes that “these decisions against our people’s employees do not align with the agency’s role in relief and employment, and will not be overlooked lightly, nor will our people accept them, and will confront them.”

UN Watch