Vladimir Kara-Murza is one of the most courageous people I ever met. He spoke out for freedom in Russia. They poisoned him & he almost

No joke: they're about to start voting on the candidacies of Russia, China, Cuba for the U.N. “Human Rights” Council. The inmates are running the

Vladimir Putin is a war criminal. We just took the floor to urge the United Nations not to elect him to their top human rights

For more on UNRWA's teachers of hate and terrorism, see our report here: https://t.co/odkliHcqLs Press release: https://t.co/3QOGo7BVOR 🧵: https://t.co/K7iSKWZ3nA — Hillel Neuer (@HillelNeuer) November 12,

Meet Rawya Halas, head of UNRWA's Khan Younis training center. On October 7, she eulogized one of the Hamas murderers: “Hero, hero, hero, a thousand

On Wednesday, I showed the U.S. Congress how UNRWA teachers are celebrating the Hamas massacre of October 7. Now the head of UNRWA is accusing

Three of the resolutions concern @UNRWA, but fail to acknowledge that its teachers celebrated Hamas' Oct 7th massacre of Israelis, documented in UN Watch's new

Meet UNRWA official Mohammed Al-Shaikh Ali. He calls on Hamas to kill “traitors” who seek shelter in the south.@UNLazzarini, so your UNRWA not only supports

Meet UNRWA employee Mohammed Al-Shaikh Ali. On October 10th he posted that "anyone who tries to flee to the south should be treated the way

BREAKING: UN Watch has uncovered 20 new examples of @UNRWA teachers supporting terror and celebrating the Hamas massacre on October 7th. Meet some of the

Meet UNRWA English teacher Asmaa Rafiq Kuheil. On October 7th he celebrated the Hamas attack with exclamation marks and a heart emoji, as well as

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