How Matthias Schmale Ignored UNRWA Staff Promoting Terrorism

Matthias Schmale was invited to the Dutch Parliament today. Below is his record.


Matthias Schmale’s record at UNRWA Lebanon:

1. “Herr Schmale, if you’re the acting Chief of Staff at UNRWA, why are you tweeting out a map that erases Israel? Do all four of UNRWA’s Burj Barajneh schools teach the elimination of a UN member state?”


2. “The irony of Hamas declaring UNRWA Gaza chief Mathias Schmale a persona non grata for supposedly siding with Israel is that Schmale has a long record of employing admirers of Hitler and other antisemites and Jihadi terrorism supporters as UNRWA teachers and principals. ”




Matthias Schmale’s record at UNRWA Gaza


1. “Matthias Schmale, UNRWA Gaza director, 2017-2021: “Many people told me through my four years, there’s tunnels everywhere and it’s a safe assumption.” UN spokesman 5 days ago: We never knew a thing about any tunnels.”


2. “Principal problem with UNRWA Gaza chief Matthias Schmale is not his poor spelling but refusal to ever mention Hamas rule.”


3. “Mr. Schmale, I think you mean “Since Hamas and Islamic Jihad stopped firing 460 rockets from next to our UNRWA schools…”


Hamas pressures UNRWA to remove Matthias Schmale 

1. “UNRWA Gaza chief Matthias Schmale has reportedly left Gaza, according to BBC journalist Sebastian Usher. This follows Hamas-orchestrated protests against Schmale for agreeing on TV that the IDF in Gaza was “very precise” and “didn’t hit, with some exceptions, civilian targets.”


2.  “So UNRWA has effectively disciplined their Gaza chief Matthias Schmale—by pulling him from his post, and announcing a review of their response mechanism—because he said on TV that Israel did not target civilians, which angered Hamas. Shame on you, UNRWA.”


3. “Matthias Schmale, we’ll never forget you. In May, as UNRWA’s Gaza chief you unwittingly trashed the Hamas-KenRoth narrative by agreeing that Israel’s strikes on Hamas targets were “very precise,” “hugely sophisticated,” and “didn’t hit, with some exceptions, civilian targets.” 1/3

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