HRW and the Al Qaeda funder: Not even a smidgen of contrition?

By @HillelNeuer
Amazingly, the discovery that a Geneva NGO is in fact headed by an Al Qaeda bagman has not prompted my good friends at Human Rights Watch from severing ties. The Washington Times reports:

Despite the addition of Al Karama leaders to terrorist watch lists, established human rights NGOs are not ruling out working with the group in the future. Human Rights Watch said Naimi’s terrorist designation should not detract from the rest of Al Karama’s work.
“The accused terrorist has resigned from Al Karama,” said Human Rights Watch spokesperson Emma Daly, referring to Naimi, who has not resigned. “Al Karama’s position would suggest it doesn’t identify with al Qaeda despite the unproven allegations against its former non-executive chair.”

Would suggest.
Now that Human Rights Watch has every reason to believe that one of its partners is headed by a terrorist funder — a man already on record advocating war against the Zionist and American aggressors for stealing the wealth of the Muslim Ummah — can the relentless advocate of accountability not show even a smidgen of contrition?

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