Regimes that supported Richard Falk in 2013

On June 10, 2013, UN Human Rights Council expert Richard Falk presented a report to the plenary that called for UN Watch to be shut down. The following countries took the floor to support Falk — and to attack UN Watch.
Bangladesh: As we express our full support to the mandate of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian Territories occupied since 1967, we are disturbed by the concern raised in the report of the Special Rapporteur with regard to defamatory attacks towards the Special Rapporteur which should be addressed in all seriousness. Thank you.
Syria:  We support the work done by Mr. Falk and we believe that he provides us with an example to be followed by other Special Rapporteurs. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our full solidarity vis-à-vis his person concerning the smear campaign which has been launched against him. The Syrian Arab Republic will continue to support his work without any condition.
Turkey: We support the independence of the Special Rapporteur and condemn all defamatory attacks conducted by pro-Israel lobbying groups against his mandate.
Malaysia: We also regret the defamatory smear campaign carried out against the character of the special rapporteur designed to cast doubts on his credibility.
Egypt: Finally, we attach importance to the recommendation with regard to setting up a mechanism to support special rapporteurs who are subjected to defamation campaigns including to Mr. Richard Falk. We would like to know Mr. Special Rapporteur, what reactions you have heard from the Office of the High Commissioner in this regard?
Indonesia: A series of defamatory attacks by pro-Israeli lobbying organization demeaning the Special Rapporteur’s character simply confirms how the international community is powerless or lack of the will to firmly address this prolonged problem.
Lebanon: Unfortunately we see how financial greed and political greed an come together and we regret the fact the Special Rapporteur was victim of defamation, which is a violation of the Human Rights mechanisms. My delegation has taken note of the recommendation  [to expel UN Watch] in the report of Mr. Falk.
Cuba: We acknowledge the efforts made by the Rapporteur to comply with his mandate and we regret the actions undertaken by the NGO mentioned in his report to hinder his efforts. This confirms the repeated proposals of our country as to the reactionary nature of that organization.
Kuwait: We condemn the defamation against the Special Rapporteur and support the Special Rapporteur in all steps that he feels appropriate in order to rise to his responsibilities.

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