UN Watch Statement

Human Rights Council

Item 6: UPR Report of Vietnam 

Delivered by Dang Xuong Hung


Thank you, Mr. President.
My name is Dang Xuong Hung and I am the former Consul of Vietnam in Geneva, and the former Deputy Director of the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I had been a member of the Communist Party since 1986. I abandoned my post and left the Party in October 2013 in order to denounce the human rights violations.
In the report before us, the government of Vietnam affirms that “it has been the consistent policy of Vietnam to respect, protect and promote all fundamental human rights and freedoms.”
Nothing could be further from the truth. There has never been any political freedom; no one can run for office if they are not pre-selected by the Party. Democratic candidates who attempt to run for election are denied. Furthermore, harassment – and even imprisonment – awaits them.
Dissidents and bloggers are harassed, very often savagely beaten by thugs appointed by the police. Tortures in police stations are common. One in 18 people works for homeland security, with the sole aim of monitoring fellow citizens and oppressing human rights. Those in power have publicly sworn to silence anyone who attempts to create opposition groups.
The Communist Party is determined to maintain the dictatorship at any cost and by any means. The stronger the aspiration for democracy, the more brutal the repression. Young girls and boys, guilty only of pacifistically expressing their opinions, are sentenced to five or six years in prison.
Mr. President, I urge the Council to reject today’s report; it is full of lies. I ask the Council to take an active stance and hold the Vietnamese government accountable.
Thank you, Mr. President.

UN Watch