In The News: Maduro Regime threatens Leopoldo Lopez during UN meeting and he responds

On July 4th 2024, Venezuelan opposition leader now living in exile Leopoldo Lopez confronted the Maduro regime at the U.N. Human Rights Council and responded to direct threats by the regime towards him and UN Watch staff.

His speech exposing the truth of the regime and calling for the restoration of democracy to Venezuela has been reported across the globe.

Top Media Hits on Leopoldo Lopez in Geneva at the United Nations Human Rights Council:

Reuters: “Opposition politician Leopoldo Lopez said he was optimistic millions of Venezuelan voters would spark a democratic transition when they cast their ballots against incumbent Nicolas Maduro at presidential elections later in July…. “It’s impossible that the election would give Maduro victory without there being massive electoral fraud,” Lopez, founder of the Voluntad Popular opposition party, told Reuters at the United Nations in Geneva.”

AFP: “López answers by phone from Geneva, minutes after denouncing before the UN Human Rights Council the actions of Maduro that, in his opinion, “ have dismantled democracy, destroyed the economy and fostered a complex humanitarian crisis .” The 53-year-old opposition leader asked this body to “pay maximum attention to guarantee respect for the popular will and the results” of the presidential elections in Venezuela scheduled for July 28.”

CNN: “Opposition leader Leopoldo López said Thursday that Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro “cannot win the presidential election” scheduled for July 28.”

EFE Agencia: “In an interview with EFE during his participation in the debates on the situation in Venezuela at the UN Human Rights Council, López assured that the opposition in his country has a “different” opportunity than in the past “because there is an overwhelming majority and Maduro is between 20 and 30 points below the unitary candidate.”

World Liberty Congress: Leopoldo López, Secretary General of the WLC, spoke at the Human Rights Council in Geneva, as one of the thousands victims of arbitrary detention in #Venezuela by the Maduro’s regime. He highlighted that the report about he case of Venezuela, like previous ones, reflects enforced disappearances, arbitrary detention, cruel and inhuman treatment, torture, human trafficking, contemporary forms of slavery, denial of justice, political disqualifications and media closures.”

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