Is the U.N. screening applicants by a pro-Palestinian litmus test?

The following written exercise, which was revealed to UN Watch and is published for the first time today, was administered two years ago by the United Nations to applicants seeking a position with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). How many applicants were screened by this exam — and whether it remains in use — is unknown. Concerning such exams, OHCHR on Monday informed UN Watch in an emailed statement that it is “quite impossible to find out which ones have been used when, or by whom, or for what specific purpose.”  Click here for full analysis by UN Watch.

The Special Rapporteurs on the Right to Adequate Housing, on the Rights to Water and Sanitation and on the Right to Food have been sending allegation letters to Israel raising concerns about the demolition of houses, water tanks and agricultural structures in the West Bank throughout 2011. NGOs and UN actors are encouraging them to issue a press release on their concerns. At the same time, the Palestinian request for recognition of statehood is being discussed at the Security Council and General Assembly.
1. Please choose either exercise 1.a. or exercise 1.b. [maximum
700 words]:
1.a. Please draft a briefing note for the Chief of the Special
Procedures Branch, who would like to advise the three mandate holders
on the pros and cons of issuing such a press release and its timing.
1.b. Please draft speaking notes for one of the three mandate holders (your choice) to be used if a journalist wishes to follow up with a telephone interview.
2. Please draft a concept note (substance, format, possible participants and audience, steps needed, etc) for the organization of a side event on this topic, to be held during the presentation of special procedure reports to the General Assembly, which could be shared with States that may wish to sponsor such an event. [maximum
1,500 words]


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