New York Times: "Palestinians are not a people"

Did the New York Times really say the Palestinians are not a people? Well, no, and, of course, never.
But one week after world leaders condemned the Turkish prime minister for calling Zionism a crime against humanity, the Times apparently had no trouble giving coveted space from its online Opinion page to a manifesto by an unknown college teacher arguing that Israel has no right to exist, and that the very idea of a Jewish people — “scattered across the globe, speaking many different languages and defined largely by religion” — present a “difficult case.”
We had thought the League of Nations and the United Nations long ago settled this question within the tribunals of international law. But apparently not for Amhert professor Joseph Levine, nor for the New York Times.
Levine takes it as a given that the Palestinian Arabs have a natural claim to the same right of self-determination that he is so quick to deny to Israel and Jewish people. Indeed he argues that the very idea of Israel as a Jewish state “is in fact a violation of the right to self-determination” of its Palestinian inhabitants. (By the way, the UN resolution of 29 November 1947 embracing the creation of a “Jewish state” mentions that term no less than 30 times.)
The poorly argued article is replete with other such glaring self-contradictions, is poorly written, and offers so little of value in originality, creativity or timeliness, that one has to wonder why the world’s top newspaper decided to publish it.
In other writings, Levine’s bitter hatred for Israel and his native-born Judaism are more overtly stated:

Let’s be clear what founding the Jewish State of Israel involved, and continues to involve. We came into another people’s land — admittedly, after enduring centuries of oppression ourselves — kicked them out brutally, and treated those who remained like dirt. We continue to oppress Palestinians horribly, and shamelessly exploit our own history of oppression and guilt-trip the rest of the world into letting us get away with it. This is how God’s people act? Not any God I wanted to have anything to do with.

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