Nikki Haley supports Amb. Diego Arria's campaign to expel Maduro's Venezuela from UNHRC



Ambassador Nikki Haley at the UN Watch Inaugural New York Gala Dinner, December 5, 2019:

Venezuelans are suffering and dying while the UN honors their government with a seat on its premier human rights organization.
With us tonight is Diego Arria, the former Venezuelan ambassador to the UN.
Ambassador Arria has watched his country’s sad descent from a thriving democracy to the impoverished narco-state it is today.
The day after Venezuela was elected to the Human Rights Council, Ambassador Arria began a public campaign to have it removed under the founding rules of the Council.
If you take nothing else away from this evening, please take this: If we are serious about being advocates of human rights, Venezuela’s membership on the Human Rights Council cannot stand.
Please support Ambassador Arria in this effort.  Make your voice heard. At stake is not just the health of the United Nations and the Human Rights Council.
At stake is the ability of the Venezuelan people to reclaim their freedom and human dignity.

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