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UNRWA says it has “only a few bad apples” who support terrorism. But the opposite is true. When it was exposed that the head of

The complicity of UNRWA with the Hamas terrorist organization is even deeper and more ingrained that we thought. This is what I will be sharing

BREAKING: UNRWA chief fails to get Switzerland to reinstate funds. Swiss Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee: “We have decided to listen to other voices or the

Finally: U.S. bill banning funds to terror-infested UNRWA is signed into law. America was largest donor, handing them $1 billion in 2021-2023. Hamas terrorist chief

BREAKING: President Joe Biden today signed a bill officially barring funding to UNRWA, through March 2025. UNRWA schools and union chiefs are infested with Hamas

MEP @DavidLega, @HillelNeuer and @MJ_Schussler discuss yesterday's European Parliament hearing on UNRWA, after left-wing parties forced the removal of cameras from the meeting and UNRWA's

Q: Has there ever been any other UN agency accused of having terror ties, the way that UNRWA is being accused right now? 🇺🇳: “Terror

What are UNRWA and its European apologists so afraid of? — UN Watch (@UNWatch) March 18, 2024

.@antonioguterres, now that the Hamas terror tunnel & computer spy center were discovered right under your UNRWA HQ, are you again “horrified”? For 10 years

Vladimir Kara-Murza is the bravest man I ever met. He should be celebrating his 20th anniversary with his wife Evgenia. But he's locked up in

Today: Islamic Regime in Iran foreign minister Amir Abdollahian meets chief Hamas terrorist Ismail Haniyeh in Qatar. Feb. 26: Islamic Regime in Iran foreign minister

BREAKING: Terror tunnel discovered right below UNRWA HQ, hiding Hamas intelligence data center, with electrical room, industrial battery power banks, living quarters for Hamas server

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