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BREAKING: For first time, UNRWA's former general counsel James Lindsay testifying before Congress, now exposing the agency's failure to vet staff for terrorist ties. I'm

Hamas earned $500 million from aid trucks going into Gaza. That’s why the food aid is being sold in markets. Has anyone at the UN

I am heading to Washington to testify about who really runs UNRWA. Officially, it's Philippe Lazzarini. In reality, it's folks like Suhail al-Hindi, Hamas Politburo

UNRWA responds: “We saw this report and are looking at what are very serious claims. We will provide an update when and if we have

BREAKING: UNRWA staff stealing and selling humanitarian aid, Gazans report• UNRWA warehouse chief sold 50 cartons of food for $5,000• Pampers, canned sweets, tissues stolen

Unreal: UNRWA is acting as a human shield for Hamas Never in history has a humanitarian agency refused to evacuate a war zone. Under the

UNRWA chief Lazzarini is lying when he says “we've been cleared.” Here is the evidence that was submitted to UNRWA over the past decade documenting

2/ Left: Suhail al-Hindi, UNRWA union chiefRight: Suhail al-Hindi, Hamas terror chief — Hillel Neuer (@HillelNeuer) April 30, 2024

BREAKING: UN says its Office of Internal Oversight has been receiving evidence from Israel since January, enabling UN investigation of 19 UNRWA staff for involvement

United Nations Watch condemns the German government's decision to reinstate funding to UNRWA after we documented thousands of its staff who promote terrorism. Berlin knows

BREAKING: Even the pro-UNRWA head of the Independent Review into UNRWA says the headlines about “Israel failed to provide any evidence” of UNRWA terror ties

Mr. Borrell, why are you praising a report that was completely rigged by UNRWA? Don't you know the Colonna report ignored all evidence sent to

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