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🇬🇧@MailOnline: “Hillel Neuer, a human rights lawyer, suggested that instead of speaking to Putin, Mr. Carlson should try to talk to Vladimir Kara-Murza, a British-Russian

Dear Commissioner @UNLazzarini: You used the taxes of US, EU, Canadian & other citizens for UNRWA schools which you promised would teach peace and human

UNRWA's defenders know it's not “only a few bad apples.” Michael Bell: “Hamas dominates the UNRWA trade unions and its staff is replete with Hamas

So it turns out the UN's new “independent review” is not even about the allegations of UNRWA ties with terrorism, but rather the opposite: it's

They cannot say they didn’t know. Mr. Guterres knew. The head of UNRWA knew. The United Nations knew. They simply chose not to act.

This woman @HonestReporting brings my 🧵 to life. On Tuesday I will say to Congress what Swiss FM Ignazio Cassis said: “UNRWA has become part

Just a "few bad apples," @AOC? Our research has shown for years that UNRWA teachers inciting to terror and antisemitism is systemic: The evidence

UN Watch's @HillelNeuer joins @JakeTapper on @CNN: "The UN knows how to address humanitarian needs. They can send in trucks in Sudan, in Syria. They

The Case Against UNRWATestimony by UN Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer before the United States Congress, House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Joint Hearing of the

We should not be surprised by what happened on October 7th because that is the message that these Palestinians got for more than 70 years

Congresswoman @AOC Ocasio-Cortez, I am heading now from the United Nations headquarters in Europe to address a joint hearing of the Congress tomorrow to present

It's just 12 UNRWA “aid workers” who murdered & kidnapped Israelis. Don't we all have 12 colleagues who murder & kidnap? It's just 1,200 UNRWA

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