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🇨🇳 China tells U.N. Human Rights Council that “the people in Hong Kong enjoy a wide range of rights and freedoms.” Fact-check: #False. The truth

Congratulations to 🇨🇳 China on its election to the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, which in the past cited credible reports that

6/ Meet UNRWA teacher Osama Ahmad. On Sunday morning, while Hamas terrorists invaded Israeli towns and slaughtered families, proudly live-streaming their atrocities, this UNRWA teacher

10/ The employment of teachers of hate and terrorism is widespread and systematic at UNRWA. See a dozen more examples below. Top 2022 Funders: USA

4/ Meet UNRWA school counselor Niveen Afana. On the day of the massacre, she prayed for the murderers: “O Allah, have mercy on our martyrs,

2/ Meet UNRWA teacher Mohammed Adwan. He defends the Hamas massacre: “What we do is resistance, regaining our rights…” He eulogized terrorist Jamal Abu Samhadana,

I had asked to meet UNRWA's @UNLazzarini over his teachers who call to murder Jews. He refused. We just checked their posts. Meet principal Iman

This is a deliberately misleading post, @UN. Israel does not target civilians or humanitarians. It targets Hamas terrorists, who hide under UNRWA schools, hospitals and

Quoted in @nypost: ‘UNRWA has been accused of employing educators who “regularly call to murder Jews” and teach from textbooks “that glorify terrorism, encourage martyrdom,

Here is UNRWA employee and Hamas-supporter Hmada Ahmed with other teachers from UNRWA's Qarara Preparatory School for Boys, which was constructed using U.S. taxpayer dollars.

2/ Tomorrow at a UN pledging conference, Western states will renew $1 billion in funds. But our new report exposes 133 UNRWA teachers of hate,

BREAKING: 🇺🇸 just announced $153.7 million for @UNRWA, on track to match last year's U.S. grant of $344 million. The money is used by the

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