U.N. chief "carefully following" the "reports of protests" in Iran

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QuestionYes, does the Secretary‑General have any comment on the protests in Iran and the reaction of the Iranian regime?
Deputy Spokesman: Yes. The Secretary‑General has been carefully following the reports of protests in a number of cities in Iran. We regret the reported loss of life, and we hope that further violence will be avoided.  We expect that the rights to peaceful assembly and expression of the Iranian people will be respected. Yes, Sia Pak?
Question: Has the Secretary‑General contact Iranian regime in order for the situation at the moment, or contact any oppositions in Iran?  Has a contact been made?
Deputy Spokesman: I don’t have any contacts by the Secretary‑General to report at this time, no.
QuestionIs he going to… I mean, until when he is going to wait until…?
Deputy SpokesmanWe’re evaluating the situation as it develops. If further steps from him are needed, we’ll let you know about it.
Question: Just, why did it take so long for the Secretary‑General to actually come out and say something on the Iran protests?
Deputy Spokesman: This is something we’ve been saying over the last few days. I mean, we haven’t had a briefing, but we’ve been saying this for some days now. Yeah?
Question: Where… I looked over the weekend.  I didn’t see anything issued by the Secretary‑General on this.  Where was a statement made concerning Iran before you just read out what you did today?
Deputy SpokesmanMy colleagues and I have been responding to questions from the press.  It wasn’t a statement, no.  Yeah?
QuestionSorry. I have to ask again about Iran.  If Secretary‑General doesn’t contact Iranian authority in regard to the demonstration, how we going to find out where UN stands?
Deputy Spokesman: Well, at this stage, like I said, we’ll let you know about any contacts as they proceed.
Question: I mean, the fighting going on. People are getting killed on… from both sides. So, when do you think it’s going to be a time for UN to initiate the contact?
Deputy SpokesmanWell, at this point, we’re evaluating the situation and trying to see what contacts would be most helpful, and we’ll proceed along those lines.

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