The Top 25 Best Moments of UN Watch in 2017

Thanks to your support, UN Watch in 2017 was the voice of conscience at the United Nations, defending the true principles of human rights, and fighting dictatorships and double standards. In tribute to UN Watch turning 25 tomorrow, please find below our top 25 best moments of the year. Donate here.


25. When Arab states accused Israel of “Apartheid,” UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer refuted the charge, and asked Algeria, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Yemen, and the others one question: “Where are your Jews?”  For once, the room was silenced. UN Watch’s speech went viral: the video was viewed 5 million times worldwide.

"Algeria, where are your Jews?" – Hillel Neuer at U.N.

After PLO, Qatar, Syria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and other Arab regimes accused Israel of 'apartheid', UN Watch's Hillel Neuer took the floor: "Algeria, Egypt, Syria, Iraq: #WhereAreYourJews?"Transcript:—-Francais: #oùsontvosjuifsEspanol:אלגיריה-היכן-היהודים-שלך-הלל-נוייר-במו/

Posted by UN Watch on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

24. When the WHO named the dictator of Zimbabwe a “goodwill ambassador,” UN Watch sparked world outrage, generating reports in CNN, Washington Post, Newsweek and 140 other news agencies, causing Mugabe’s appointment to be rescinded.

23. UN Watch exposed the U.N.’s election of Saudi Arabia to its women’s rights commission—and the fact that at least five EU states voted for the Saudis. The story went viral, and created a major scandal in Belgium, where the prime minister eventually admitted their vote and apologized, and sparked controversies in Ireland, Norway and Sweden.

22. When U.N. Palestine Rapporteur Michael Lynk issued a report advocating an economic boycott of Israeli companies, UN Watch’s complaint letter—showing he systematically ignored abuses by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas—put Lynk on the defensive, and got him condemned by the United States.
21. When the U.N. elected Qatar (slave labor), Pakistan (death row for Christian ‘blasphemers’), Congo (mass rape as weapon of war), Afghanistan (abuse of women) and Angola (corrupt & oppressive regime) to the 47-nation Human Rights Council—joining Saudi Arabia, China, Cuba and Venezuela—UN Watch led the protest with a major report and social media campaign, cited in AP, Deutsche Presse-Agentur, Deutsche Welle & Spain’s EFE.
20. When Palestinian men beat their wives, it’s Israel’s fault—so concluded a U.N. investigator on violence against women. UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer took the floor: “Why did you fail to mention that official Palestinian TV regularly broadcasts Islamic preachers who tell the people how to beat their wives?” In reaction, the Egyptian chair of the meeting broke with parliamentary protocol: “I would like to say thank you, but I can’t,” said Ambassador Amr Ramadan. “Because I think that you need to respect this council more.”

Israel's Fault When Palestinian Men Beat Their Wives

Who knew? When Palestinian men beat their wives, it's Israel's fault. So says a new U.N. report by official Dubravka Simonovic, who sees a "clear linkage." But UN Watch's Hillel Neuer took the floor to ask: "Where is the data? And why did your report ignore Islamic preachers on official Palestinian TV who instruct men on how to beat their wives?"Then, for the first time in 10 years, the Egyptian chair of the UN Human Rights Council debate broke with protocol, and refused to thank Mr. Neuer after his speech — for not "showing respect" to the council.Full story & transcript here:

Posted by UN Watch on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

19. When U.N. human rights expert Alfred de Zayas posted Venezuelan propaganda photos to deny mass hunger caused by the regime’s failed policies, UN Watch exposed the sick lie—in truth, Venezuelan hospitals are filled with starving children—and the U.N. official was pressured into deleting his blog post and tweet.
18. When U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley testified in the U.S. Senate and before the U.N. Human Rights Council, she relied on UN Watch’s research.
17. When UNESCO negated its mandate to protect world heritage by declaring Hebron a Palestinian world heritage site, UN Watch revealed that UNESCO had rejected its own experts’ recommendation to deny the Palestinian application on account of its failure to properly recognize Hebron’s Jewish and Christian heritage.
16. When Mexico fired its UNESCO ambassador Andres Roemer for his courageous refusal to follow orders and vote for an absurd and offensive Arab resolution describing Jerusalem in Islamic-terms only, UN Watch honored him with our prestigious Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Award.
15. When UNRWA launched a global campaign showing the picture of an 11-year-old girl, “Aya from Gaza,” in a bombed-out building—portraying Israel as a cruel oppressor of Palestinian children—UN Watch exposed it as a fraud: the photo was actually from Syria. The story went viral online. UNRWA suffered massive embarrassment, and was forced to remove the photo worldwide.
14. When U.N. expert Idriss Jazairy described Russia as a victim of human rights violations—due to U.S. and EU “unilateral coercive measures”—UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer took the floor to ask the U.N. official about the $50,000 he took from Russia. Jazairy lashed out at UN Watch, and denied any influence. The story was reported worldwide by AP, The Independent, and Radio Free Europe.
13. When in March the U.N. Human Rights Council honored Jean Ziegler—co-founder & 2002 receipient of the “Muammar Qaddafi Human Rights Prize”—UN Watch was the only one to take the floor and call out the disgrace.

12. In September, UN Watch brought Ensaf Haidar, wife of jailed Saudi blogger Raif Badawi, to address the U.N. human rights council. In bold and moving remarks, Haidar challenged Saudi Arabia as a member of the U.N.’s highest human rights body. Her speech was covered by The New York TimesThe Times of London, Canada’s La Presse and Radio Tele Suisse.
11. When Washington needs advice about the Human Rights Council, they call on UN Watch. In February, UN Watch’s director was invited to testify in U.S. Congress before a joint hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, on the subject of UN bias against Israel. Neuer said: “An alien observing U.N. debates, reading its resolutions, and walking its halls, could well conclude that a principal purpose of the world body is to censure a tiny country called Israel.” Click for Video

10.  In March, UN Watch’s director delivered a video message screened in the Czech Parliament before 200 lawmakers, journalists and students attending the Conference on EU-Israel Relations. “What we are up against,” said Neuer, “is an organized campaign to delegitimize Israel, to subvert the language and idea of human rights to demonize the Jewish state.”
9. In April, Hillel Neuer spoke in the Canadian Parliament on UNRWA teachers’ antisemitic incitement, sparking a firestorm as opposition MPs pressed the Trudeau government on its $25 million funding of UNRWA. Click for Video
8. In May, UN Watch’s director testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, at a hearing on the UN Human Rights Council, saying: “Nowhere is the chasm between promise and performance more pronounced than in the council’s pathological obsession with demonizing Israelis and denying their human rights.” Click for Video
7. Thanks to action by UN Watch, two British universties cancelled events with the notorious professor Richard Falk, who this year co-authored a UN report accusing Israel of being “an apartheid state.” In a March letter to the UK government, which was reported in the media, UN Watch exposed Falk’s ignominious record of support for Hamas and 9/11 conspiracy theories. UN Watch flooded Twitter and Facebook with critical facts and an informational video. The result: Falk’s hate was silenced.
6. UK Changes Vote on Anti-Israel Resolution, Cites UN Watch: When the UK for the first time voted against the U.N.’s annual condemnation of Israel’s  presence in the Golan Heights, they relied on UN Watch information to make their case. “Israel is a population of eight million in a world of seven billion,” said British Ambassador Julian Braithwaite. “Yet since its foundation, the Human Rights Council has adopted 135 country-specific resolutions: 68 of which against Israel. Justice is blind and impartial. This selective focus on Israel is neither.” If the Council fails to end its anti-Israel bias, warned the UK, it will change all of its votes the next time. Click for Video
5. Thanks to UN Watch’s campaign, UNRWA was forced to suspend and penalize dozens of employees for incitement. According to a Palestinian news site, in Jordan at least 21 UNRWA staffers were disciplined for “violating neutrality,” with penalties ranging from a warning to a 1-month suspension. UNRWA staff are vehemently objecting. “Neutrality is intended to put a gag on the mouths of agency employees,” said one. “The oppressive neutrality law is used as a sword upon the necks of UNRWA personnel, forcing them to choose: either abandon national principles, or fight for their workplace and livelihood.”
UN Watch welcomed UNRWA’s suspensions, but is demanding far more. Zero tolerance of hate means that UN teachers who praise Hitler and Hamas should be banned from the classroom for life.
4. Exposing Hijab Hypocrisy of “Feminist” Swedish Government: In February, UN Watch led the media debate surrounding Iran’s oppressive modesty laws when it called out the hypocrisy of Sweden’s self-declared “first feminist government in the world” betraying Iranian women by kowtowing before Iranian President Rouhani in hijabs, chadors and long coats, while on a state visit to sign lucrative trade agreements. Thanks to UN Watch, this story was picked up and reported on by The Washington Post, Le FigaroEl MundoDie Welt, Belgium’s De Standaard, Italy’s La Stampa, and hundreds of other outlets worldwide. Click for Video
3. Voice for Suffering Venezuelans: When the foreign minister of Venezuela’s Maduro regime came to the U.N. in September to deny their massive human rights abuses, UN Watch led the opposition. We brought the wives of two political prisoners to testify, and organized a high-profile side event with leading opposition voices—reported by Reuters, Agence France Presse, Tribune de Genève and other major media. UN Watch drafted a resolution calling to expel Venezuela from the council, and lobbied countries to endorse it.
2. Defending Dissidents of World’s Worst Regimes: In February, UN Watch led a coalition of 25 NGOs in organizing the 9th annual Geneva Summit for Human Rights, turning a spotlight on the world’s most urgent human rights situations. The event was held days before government representatives from around the world gathered in Geneva to open the UN Human Rights Council, and provided a vital platform for victims of Iran, North Korea, the Islamic State, China, Cuba, Russia, Turkey, Venezuela, Maldives, Vietnam and Mauritania. The day-long session in Geneva’s international conference center drew a packed audience of more than 700 human rights activists, diplomats, journalists and students. The event was widely covered by the international media. Click for Video
1. When the U.N. held its Hate Israel Day, UN Watch brought the Son of Hamas to deliver an epic speech exposing Palestinian crimes. He stunned the assembly into silence, and literally caused heads to turn. The video has been seen more than 10 million times on Facebook and YouTube. Israel’s prime minister called it “an extraordinary moment of truth at the United Nations.” Click for Video


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