UN Farce: China Lauds Saudis, Saudis to Laud China Tomorrow, at Mutual Praise Society

China lauded Saudi Arabia’s human rights record in a review session at the UN Human Rights Council, one day before Saudi Arabia is expected to return the favor when China is reviewed by the same body. The mandatory reviews are held for each country once every five years.

CHINA:  “Mr. President, the Chinese delegation welcomes the President of the Saudi Human Rights Commission and his delegation.”

“The Chinese government commends Saudi Arabia for its adoption and implementation of the Saudi Vision 2030, as well as for its efforts in the area of economic, social development, poverty elimination and the promulgation of the Protection Against Abuse Act, and the Child Protection Act, and the National Mechanism to protect persons with disabilities, and its judicial reform and fight against corruption.”

“We have two recommendations for Saudi Arabia. First, to continue the implementation of the Saudi Vision 2030 to promote sustainable economic and social development so as to lay the full foundation.”

“Second, to continue the protection of persons with disabilities through relevant national mechanisms.”

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