UN Fires Whistleblower Who Revealed Human Rights Office Handed Names of Dissidents to Chinese Regime

Whistleblower Emma Reilly exposed how the UN human rights office had a practice of secretly handing over names of dissidents to the Chinese regime, allowing Beijing to know in advance which Uighur and other activists were registered to attend sessions of the UN Human Rights Council—putting their lives in danger, as well as those of their family members living in China.

Since Reilly made a complaint in 2013 in an effort to stop this practice, the UN retaliated against her with what the Government Accountability Project called “harassment, exclusion and abuse of authority.” Despite this, Reilly continued to call out her employers, who accused her of misconduct.

On November 9, Reilly appeared in a Le Monde feature article. One day later, despite rules governing the protection of whistleblowers, the UN has fired Reilly.

UN Watch