UN Watch Mourns Board Member Jeane Kirkpatrick


Geneva, December 8, 2006  — UN Watch Chairman Alfred Moses and Executive Director Hillel Neuer today issued the following statement:


UN Watch mourns the passing of former U.S. Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick, a member of the board of the non-governmental organization since its founding in 1993.   She was an inspiring leader, with unmatched experience and enormous courage.  We will miss her greatly, as will the world.


Ambassador Kirkpatrick was a compelling voice for freedom and democracy at the height of the Cold War.  The author of one of the most famous essays in the history of American foreign policy (“Dictatorships and Double Standards,” Commentary, November 1979), she brought her scholarly mind and insight to bear on the practice of international relations.


Ambassador Kirkpatrick believed that the United Nations must be held to the highest ideals of its founders—also the mission of UN Watch—and, to that end, she was a leader in the fight against anti-Semitism and anti-Israel bias at the UN.  We at UN Watch looked to her for guidance and inspiration, and we were honored to have her as a board member and a friend.


Sadly, the unfair treatment of Israel that Ambassador Kirkpatrick so forcefully opposed is still endemic at the UN.  Just today, the new UN Human Rights Councils passed its seventh and eighth resolutions against the Jewish state—the only country that the Council has censured since its inauguration last June.

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