UN Watch’s Top Tweets in December 2021

Trending UN Watch tweets from December: Two years since Chinese doctor sounded alarm over COVID-19China marks anniversary of Chairman Mao’s birth; Iran set to join UN Women’s CommissionUN proposes paying Taliban for security — and more.

Two Years Since Chinese Doctor Sounded Alarm Over COVID-19

China Marks Anniversary of Chairman Mao’s Birth

China Silences Hong Kong Democrats

Iran Set to Join UN Women’s Commission; Former Foreign Minister Says ‘Merry Christmas’

UN Proposes Paying Taliban For Security

UN Secretary-General Calls to Prevent Genocide

Human Rights Watch Staffer Calls on Hillel Neuer to Follow Her on Twitter

UN General Assembly Adopts Anti-Israel Resolutions

Hamas Terrorist Dies in Terror Tunnel

End of Soviet Union Marked on 30th Anniversary

Liking, retweeting, following: UN Watch tweets were liked and shared by thousands around the world, including by opinion leaders and celebrities such as:

  • Former UN Security Council President Diego Arria
  • Former Bulgarian foreign minister & OSCE chair Solomon Passy
  • Cuban human rights activist Rosa María Payá, Iranian women’s rights activist Masih Alinejad, Saudi dissident Raif Badawi, Pakistani human rights activist Gulalai Ismail, Human Rights Foundation, Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission
  • Canadian senator Leo Housakos, former Canadian immigration minister Chris Alexander
  • UK MP Rebecca Harris, member of UK House of Lords Sarah Ludford
  • Dutch MEP Peter van Dalen, Swedish MEP David Lega, former Swiss ambassador to the U.S. Martin Dahinden
  • Foundation for Defense of Democracies president Clifford May & CEO Mark Dubowitz & senior vice president of research Jonathan Schanzer, Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies executive director Kyle Matthews, Lawyers Without Borders president William Goldnadel, Hudson Institute South & Central Asia Director and former Pakistani ambassador to the U.S. Husain Haqqani
  • Miss Iraq Sarah Idan, former professional baseball player & journalist Adam Housely, U.S. singer and actor Brian Evans


Many journalists also liked or shared UN Watch’s tweets, including:

  • CNN anchor Jake Tapper & senior justice correspondent Evan Pérez, ABC host Meghan McCain, Daily Wire commentator Ben Shapiro, The Dispatch editor-in-chief Jonah Goldberg & senior editor David FrenchThe Atlantic senior editor David Frum & writer Yair Rosenberg, Bloomberg columnist Eli Lake, National Review senior editor Jay Nordlinger & contributing editor Andrew Stuttaford
  • The Independent chief political commentator John RentoulNew Statesman columnist James Bloodworth, Sky News Australia host Rita Panahi
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