UN Watch’s Top Tweets in June 2020

Trending UN Watch tweets from June: China lashes out at UN Watch for exposing its repression of Uighur Muslims; rogue regimes dominate UN’s top human rights body; UN turns 75 years old; Turkey’s representative elected President of the U.N. General Assembly.


China Lashes out at U.N. Watch on Exposing Repression of Uighurs


China’s Culture of Corruption at the U.N.


U.N. Human Rights Council Gives Iran a Pass on “Honor” Killing


Tyrannies Dominate U.N. Human Rights Council


Anti-Racism Protesters in Paris Incite Racism



Hypocrisy, Selectivity, Politicization Rife at 43rd Session of U.N. Human Rights Council


The U.N. Turns 75


Turkey to Head U.N. General Assembly

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