UN Women Deputy Chief Deletes Social Media Accounts After Endorsing Anti-Zionist Posts


GENEVA, December 18, 2023 — A top official of UN Women has deleted her social media accounts on X (formerly known as Twitter) and LinkedIn after an independent United Nations watchdog group revealed her partisan political activity in endorsing 153 posts since October 7th that promoted anti-Zionism, accused Israel of “genocide,” and celebrated shutting down bridges and highways for campaigns opposing Israel.

Screenshots captured by UN Watch, an independent non-governmental organization based in Geneva, show that Sarah Douglas, the Deputy Chief of Peace and Security at UN Women, used her Twitter account, which prominently listed her UN Women position, to endorse a number of posts that accused Israel of “genocide.”

One post accused the U.S. of “arming the genocide in Gaza.” Another said “we are currently witnessing all the forces of empire team up to annihalate [sic] the Palestinian people and struggle for freedom.”

Douglas liked posts by Democratic “Squad” members, including a post by Rashida Tlaib claiming that “Israel is starving Gaza,” a post by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that called on the U.S. to condition aid to Israel, and an Ayanna Pressley post that was critical of Israel and called for a “#CeasefireNow.”

Last week, in a briefing to the United Nations in New York on counter-terrorism, Douglas addressed the United Nations by webcam from her home with a large “Palestine” poster and flag showing in the background.

Calls for Sarah Douglas to Be Fired for Violating UN Neutrality Obligations

In a report published today by UN Watch, executive director Hillel Neuer said that “Ms. Douglas’ public political activities over at least the past six years are in gross breach of her obligations as a UN staff member to uphold neutrality and impartiality, and we are calling on UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and UN Women chief Sima Bahous to fire her.”

“In a period of just two months, since the Hamas massacre of October 7th, Douglas has publicly endorsed 153 tweets of extremist politicians and fringe groups that promoted anti-Zionism, accused Israel of ‘genocide’, and called for shutting down bridges and highways,” said Neuer. “That is not neutrality, and that is not impartiality.”

“Meanwhile, she was completely silent about the Hamas mass rape, murder and abductions of many hundreds of Israelis. She promoted the Hamas lie that Israel attacked the Al-Ahli hospital on October 17th, when it was the Islamic Jihad.”

“Douglas recently endorsed posts slamming the actions of member states concerning Gaza, and she previously wrote on Facebook that America doesn’t belong on the UN Human Rights Council. It’s clear that she is acting in a manner that is not in keeping with her status as an international civil servant, and she needs to be removed,” said Neuer.



UN Watch