How UNDP panders to Hamas regime

Masked Palestinian youths pose in front of the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) offices in Gaza City.
Masked Palestinian youths pose in front of the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) offices in Gaza City.

The indictment today of a UNDP official in Gaza for aiding Hamas terrorist activities may not have been known by senior management, however the organization’s culture of pandering to the Hamas regime likely enabled the criminal diversion of humanitarian resources.
For example, during the Gaza war of 2014, despite UNDP’s duties of neutrality and impartiality, the organization noticeably sided with Hamas against Israel, whitewashing the systematic subversion by Hamas of homes, schools, mosques, and hospitals, to hide weapons, install rocket launchers, and cover up entrances to terror tunnels as well as terrorist command and control centers.
UNDP Report on Gaza War Completely Omits the Word “Hamas”
In August 2014, UNDP published a Preliminary Assessment, prepared by the Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem, a Palestinian NGO that promotes demonizing rhetoric against Israel and advances the BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanction) agenda. The publication reveals marked bias and politicization. A few of many examples:

  • The publication fails to mention Hamas warfare once—the word Hamas simply does not appear in the 30-page document.
  • Discussion of damage to Gaza buildings omits to say that Hamas used civilian infrastructure for rocket launching onto Israeli civilian population centers, deliberately jeopardizing Palestinian civilians.
  • Reference to damage to educational infrastructure likewise omits Hamas use of schools for military purposes and the famous case of Hamas rockets in UNRWA schools.
  • Emotional language is used only against Israel. The word “shocking” refers only to Palestinian damage, never to the thousands of missiles fired at Israel by Hamas, nor Hamas use of civilians as human shields.

UNDP Rep Tweeted Against Israel Only, Never Hamas
Frode Mauring, then the UNDP Special Representative on Palestine, tweeted vehemently against Israel, systematically posting articles hostile to Israel’s position. He expressed sympathies for Gaza’s population, but not for millions of Israelis forced into bomb shelters to escape thousands of Hamas rocket barrages.
Here’s Mauring insisting that UNDP would never misuse aid:

Pulling out 4-year-old article by radical anti-Israel writer:

Israel’s attempt to stop rocket launches against its citizens is “retaliation”:

Mocking Israeli restraint:

Emotive language omitting any mention of Hamas attacks and its breaking of ceasefire that precipitated the battle:

Routinely posted articles sharply critical of Israel, but almost never any articles sharply critical of Hamas terrorism or its radical Islamist ideology:


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