UNESCO attacks Israel again, with French support

1. UNESCO passed six anti-Israel resolutions with support from France, reports the JTA.
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization passed the resolutions Friday at a meeting in Paris of its executive committee. France backed all the resolutions, as did Russia; the United States opposed all of them. Britain and Italy abstained in the votes.
2. As UN Watch recently demonstrated, France has a cynical policy at UNESCO, which is based in Paris, of voting with the world’s worst abusers.
Last year France was the only Western democracy that refused to support a Russian motion, supported by such legendary pro-Palestinian powers as Brazil and China, to postpone 5 anti-Israel resolutions. France was even more anti-Israel than Bashar al-Assad and Hugo Chavez, who voted in support of the Russian motion.
3. According to a study by UN Watch, UNESCO singles out Israel systematically.
For example:

  • In 2009, UNESCO adopted eight decisions against Israel at the 181st and 182nd sessions of the Executive Board, and two resolutions against Israel at the 35th session of the General Conference.
  • In 2010, UNESCO adopted 10 decisions against Israel at the 184th and 185th sessions of the Executive board.
  • In 2011, UNESCO again adopted 10 decisions against Israel at the 186th and 187th sessions of the Executive Board and two resolutions against Israel at the 36th session of the General Conference.

During this same time period, UN Watch’s examination of all UNESCO Executive Board decisions and UNESCO General Conference resolutions showed that not a single other country in the world was censured even once.


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