UN rights council meets on Syrian-backed "right to peace" initiative

rt to peace
A Syrian-backed declaration on the “right to peace” is what a UN working group is seeking to draft during a week-long meeting at the UN Human Rights Council which opened yesterday in Geneva.
While all 193 UN member states can attend the sessions of the working group, only some 30 are attending, along with another 20 NGO activists.
Key backers of the “right to peace” include Cuba and Syria. One of the goals of such human rights violators is to erode the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) principle, which calls for the international community to intervene in instances of extreme human rights violations such as genocide.
The “right to peace” aims to shield the perpetrators. UN Watch has exposed how this “right” is used to shield dictatorships like Syria and to give legitimacy to terrorism.
Indeed, democracies made these points at yesterday’s meeting. The US said that trying to define such a right would be at best counterproductive and possibly dangerous to human rights. Australia said that it doesn’t reflect any nternational rule enshrined in the UN charter. South Korea said that the declaration is too vague in definition, and it is extremely difficult to draw a substantive right and obligation. The right to peace cannot be recognized either as an individual right or as a collective one.
Hopefully the democracies will reject this Orwellian initiative.

UN Watch