Why Saudi Arabia should not be elected to the UN Rights Council – by Ali AhAlhmed

Today the UN will elect 14 out of 16 candidate countries to be new members of its top human rights body. UN Watch heads an international campaign of MPs and NGOs urging nations to oppose the election of Algeria, China, Cuba, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam. The other candidates are France, Macedonia, Maldives, Mexico, Morocco, Namibia, South Africa, South Sudan, Tunisia, and Uruguay. Click here for UN Watch’s comprehensive report, analysis and comment.
Following are the remarks of Saudi dissident Ali AlAhmed, delivered at UN headquarters on November 4, 2013, at a press conference organized by UN Watch and the Human Right Foundation.


The Saudi Monarchy is racist that bans blacks from senior government positions such as diplomats, judges, ministers, security  and military officers. Black women are banned form even being a school principal or to be on government television. The Saudi Monarchy views all blacks as slaves who are not suitable for leadership positions.
The Saudi Monarchy is the worst in its treatment of women as it legally considers them to be part human. Women do not enjoy a full and separate legal identity and are not allowed to represent themselves independently. They must be part of a male relative such as a wife, daughter, sister, granddaughter, grandmother, mother, aunt of a certain male.
Women are not allowed basic rights such as education, healthcare, work, travel, legal papers, ownership of business without the written permission of their male masters.
The Saudi Monarchy also bans women form physical education and any organized sports or fitness activity. This has caused the death of thousands of women every year, and the illness of many others who suffer from disease linked to limited physical exercise such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity,  bone density problem, and psychological illness related to body image.

The Saudi Monarchy is a monarchy of darkness that does not have a modern court system. Its court system is a sectarian, medieval, apartheid system. Blacks, Shia, secular Muslims, non-Najdi origin Arabs and Muslims, and women are not allowed to be judges in all Saudi courts. This is a kin to having only white judges in the United States. The Saudi Monarchy courts still sentences people to death for witchcraft, apostasy, heresy, and even for peaceful protest.
The Saudi Monarchy court in Riyadh is seeking beheading and crucifixion of several peaceful protesters form the Shia religious minority. There has been no single death sentence against any members of AlQaeda in Saudi jails who have attacked and killed western and Arab civilians.
The Saudi Monarchy is at war with its people leading to the continued arrest of more than 20,000 political prisoners in Saudi jails, some for more than  10 years. Torture is common and has lead to the death of few dozen over the years. Most of the prisoners are not allowed a lawyer or a trial.
The Saudi Monarchy bans the establishment of civil society organizations in the country. Instead it established its own human rights GONOS to deceive the world.
Any government or organizations that supports the Saudi Monarchy membership to the UN Human Rights Council also supports racism and xenophobia.


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