Adel Torbani, UNRWA Math Teacher in Jordan, Rejects Israel’s Right to Exist and Posts Antisemitism

Adel Torbani lists himself as a math teacher at UNRWA. His profile photo shows him sitting at a desk with the UNRWA logo on the wall behind him. He rejects Israel’s right to exist and describes Jews as rapists of the land, deceitful and greedy.

Post 1: Describes Jews as Rapists of the Land, Deceitful and Greedy

Torbani spreads antisemitism in this post portraying Jews as deceitful and denying their connection to Israel. The post claims that the Jewish homeland is in Russia, not Israel. It asserts that Zionism deceived the world by claiming that Jews needed a homeland in Palestine when they already had a homeland in Russia. Jews and Zionists are described as rapists of the land of Palestine. At the end, the post calls for Israeli Jews to return to Russia.


The forgotten Jewish republic Birobidzhan The first Jewish republic, Birobidzhan, is located in southeast Russia. Most of the world doesn’t know it exists, because Israel is trying to hide this fact and prevent the media from visiting it. This republic is the Jews’ first homeland in the world. They had immigrated to it before Palestine, until Zionism and the idea of Jewish settlement in Palestine emerged. The Zionists succeeded in keeping the media away from the first Jewish republic, which was established without the need for raping the lands of the original inhabitants, and all of its inhabitants are considered Jewish. *** This is a fact that can be spread, as a homeland that the Jews of Palestine can be repatriated to, [so that] the Palestinians can be repatriated to their homeland, Palestine.

Post 2: Rejects Israel’s Right to Exist

Torbani rejects outright Israel’s right to exist by posting a video of crows ripping apart the Israeli flag with the hashtag “#The_End_Of_Israel.”


The ravens are still teaching people what needs to be done with the map of the Zionist entity #The_End_of_Israel

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