Sameer Abo Ayyash (Social Worker, UNRWA Jordan), Admires Taliban

Sameer Abo Ayyash describes himself as a social worker at UNRWA in his Facebook profile. His profile also contains a photo of him teaching or giving a presentation and a photo of students in an UNRWA classroom. Ayyash celebrates the victory of the Taliban terrorist organization, taking lessons for Palestine.

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Post 1: Takes Lessons from the Taliban

In this August 2021 post, Ayyash celebrates the victory of the Taliban terrorist organization and posts a photo of Taliban terrorists holding submachine guns. The accompanying text admires the Taliban’s tactics in re-taking Afghanistan as a “unique and advanced moment” and takes lessons from them presumably for the Palestinian dream of taking over Israel.


The Taliban movement is again in control of Afghanistan… I swear that it is a unique and advanced movement, the intelligence of their leaders and their adherence to their principles led them to victory. It operated both politically and militarily throughout the preceding years, at a time when its leadership was negotiating in Doha, its forces were operating on the ground, with experience and intelligence. The greatest lesson we can learn from this event is that the enemies shall not remain on the Earth. Its people acted seriously and persistently.

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