Majed Zaben, UNRWA Teacher in Jordan, Incites Against Israel

Majed Zaben states in her profile that she is a teacher at UNRWA. Her profile contains photos of students in an UNRWA classroom. Several of her Facebook friends are also UNRWA teachers.29 She incites against Israel and calls for death to “those collaborating with the Zionists.”

Zaben Facebook Friends


Post 1: Death to “Zionists’ Collaborators”

The post incites violence by calling for “death and shame” to the Egyptian authorities who Zaben describes as “collaborating with the Zionists.”


Holding an absentee funeral prayer (Salat al-Ghaib) in all Arab and Islamic countries for the soul of the first elected Arab Muslim president, Dr. Mohammed Morsi, is the most basic duty… toward this free man who the revolutionaries, who were collaborating with Israel, killed, having accused him of supporting the Palestinian resistance… Long live free Palestine, and death and shame to those collaborating with the Zionists.

Post 2: Incites Against Israel

In this post, Majed Zaben incites violence against Israel and Israelis by sharing a map that erases Israel with a caption referring to Israelis/Jews as the “enemies of the nation,” i.e., the enemies of Palestine. The map replaces the names of Israeli cities with the pre-1948 Arab names, claims the whole territory as “Palestine,” and vows “we are returning,” meaning returning to what is now Israel and replacing it with Palestine.


We ask that everyone shares this photo. This is a historic map of Palestine, with the Arabic names of the cities, not the Hebrew ones. Share this map as much as you can. We won’t let the Jews erase the map of Palestine. I’m Jordanian and my blood is Arab and Muslim. We must preserve its Muslim and Christian history so that it isn’t erased by the enemies of the nation. This is its name – Palestine, not Israel. Palestine is ours, and we are returning to it, with the permission of Allah the Almighty.

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