Akram Ayoub, UNRWA Project Assistant, Celebrates Murderer

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Akram Ayoub lists himself as a project assistant and storekeeper at UNRWA. His posts refer to Jews as animals and celebrate as a “hero” a Palestinian who murdered three other Palestinians for allegedly “collaborating” with Israel.

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In this post, UNRWA employee Akram Ayoub glorifies Palestinian killer Sami Abu Diak as a “hero.” Abu Diak was convicted by an Israeli military court of voluntary manslaughter, kidnapping, attempted murder, opening fire on people, and other offenses in 2002. He was associated with the terrorist wing of the Palestinian Fatah faction, known as the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades. At the time of his death, he was serving more than three life sentences for the killings of three Palestinians accused of collaborating with Israel. Akram Ayoub’s post adds: “May Allah have mercy on the martyrs and [bestow] glory and freedom on the heroic prisoners.” The referenced prisoners have all been convicted of terror-related crimes against Israelis, mostly murder and attempted murder.

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In this July 2019 post, Akram Ayoub proclaims he will “tear apart” the “Jewish animals.” Referring to Jews as animals is antisemitic and reminiscent of Nazi terminology portraying Jews as vermin. Moreover, the post endorses violent attacks on Jews.


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