Nahed Sharawi, Math Teacher at UNRWA, Posts Hitler Video

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Nahed Sharawi posted a video of Hitler depicting him as an inspirational philosopher. One of the quotes reads, “If they stab you in the back, you know you are in the front.” The quote recalls an antisemitic conspiracy theory, the stab-in-the-back myth that circulated in Germany after 1918, accusing the Jews of betraying Germany and causing it to lose the First World War. The accompanying caption endorses the video and the quotes, which were chosen to “enrich and enlighten your minds and thoughts.”

Although the post has been either removed or made private, the screenshot appears here.

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Nahed Sharawi posted this story, which begins by depicting a Jew as trying to corrupt his Muslim neighbor into “mocking Muslims,” a charge which itself can incite terrorism as demonstrated by the October 2020 beheading of a French history teacher after he showed his class controversial cartoons about the Prophet Muhammad. Sharawi’s story portrays the Jew as dishonest, scheming and a thief: he gave the Muslim (the “pious man”) a ring, then stole it, threw it in the ocean, and demanded it back from the Muslim. Ultimately, the Muslim finds the ring in the belly of a fish he caught and presents it to the Jew, who is so stunned that he converts to Islam.


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