“Allah the Helper,” UNRWA Employee, Endorses Violence

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“Allah the Helper” (a pseudonym) lists himself as an employee at UNRWA. He posts numerous photos endorsing violence.

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This UNRWA teacher’s profile contains numerous photos of him practicing with automatic weapons, indicating support for violence and possible membership in a terrorist organization. A post from September 15, 2019, specifically endorses rocket attacks on Israel—“one missile is enough to topple Netanyahu.” A number of terrorist rockets and mortars were fired from Gaza into Israel in September 2019, including one that sent Netanyahu running for shelter during an election campaign rally in the southern Israeli city of Ashdod. A June 2019 photo shows the UNRWA teacher aiming his weapon with the hashtags “#We await the sign; #Allah; #The one seeking help,” indicating he is ready to shoot as soon as he receives the instruction. The hashtags were later removed.

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The UNRWA teacher’s post from November 13, 2019, depicts a bloodied soldier with his weapon. The accompanying text—“Do you think victory comes without hardship, without sacrifice, without skulls and limbs scattered about…”—implies that the only way to be victorious in the Palestinian struggle is through violence and martyrdom. Those who think victory is possible without scattering skulls and limbs “must not come anywhere near us because they will be a burden”—a clear message against the path of peace and non-violence.


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