Nidal Krayyem, English Teacher at UNRWA, Rejects Israel and Advocates Violence

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Nidal Krayyem lists himself as an English teacher at UNRWA schools. While he also lists himself as living in India, this appears to be fake information. His employment indicates he is an “academic English instructor at Gaza Training College” and an “English Language Teacher at UNRWA schools” until the present day. His posts deny Israel’s right to exist and advocate teaching violence to children.

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In this post, UNRWA teacher Nidal Krayyem advocates violence by telling Palestinians to teach their children that the only way to take Palestine is “with force,” and “not weakly, tearfully, or through supplication.” It also calls on Palestinians to teach their children to emulate Ahed Tamimi, who was convicted of assault for slapping and kicking Israeli soldiers. After her release from prison, Tamimi promoted violence and martyrdom, pledging “to continue on the path of the martyrs, so that their blood will not have been shed in vain. We shall always continue on their path. I have pledged to continue to make sacrifices, even sacrificing my life, for the sake of liberating Palestine.”

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In this post, directed at teenagers, UNRWA teacher Nidal Krayyem rejects the rights of the Jewish people to self-determination in Israel by sharing a video from Iraqi historian Ali Al-Nashmi, who promulgates antisemitic conspiracy theories. In the text accompanying the video shared by Krayyem, Al-Nashmi asserts that Jews have no rights in Palestine, meaning that the State of Israel should not exist.


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