Andrew Sullivan’s “Hard Neocons”

Has blogger Andrew Sullivan done a 180 on the U.N.’s Orwellian-named Human Rights Council?

Two years ago, Sullivan linked to my speech — the one banned by the council president from ever being uttered again — and rightly recognized how “depraved” the U.N. can get in its pathological obsession with condemning Israel to divert attention from the world’s worst abusers.

Now, though, Sullivan seems to have defected, taking seriously the statements of a body controlled by Havana, Harare and the House of Saud, and attacking UN Watch.

To disparage last week’s compelling UN testimony of British hero and military expert Col. Richard Kemp (the speech now ranked as YouTube’s 25th Top Rated News Video of the week), Sullivan tries to discredit us — the Geneva non-governmental organization that sponsored the officer’s address — as being a “hard Neocon group.”

Sullivan’s inexplicable slur fails even in its intended ad hominem effect given that the former commander of British forces in Afghanistan already made the same remarks on the BBC during the war in January. If Sullivan disagrees with the content, it’s neither here nor there that we invited the British hero to repeat his words before the Goldstone-loving despots in Geneva.

The slur is also nothing shy of incoherent. If we are to believe Andrew Sullivan, UN Watch would become the first “hard neocon” group in history to be chaired by a former Carter Administration official who actively campaigned for Barack Obama’s election to the presidency, to lobby for gay rights, featuring as a leading spokesman the father of Canada’s gay marriage bill, and to actively welcome the U.S. decision to join the UN Human Rights Council.Sullivan has his sources, though: he relies on the universally respected scholarly authority of… anonymous Wikipedia users.

The truth is that UN Watch is completely non-partisan, committed to upholding the noble prinicples of the UN Charter and human rights for all.

It wasn’t so long ago that people who promoted these goals by urging the UN to end its self-injurious Israel-bashing were considered true friends of the United Nations organization. Today, in some quarters, that’s enough to get you tarred a “hard Neocon.”


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