Biased posts liked by UNRWA’s “Independent” Review Group

Following is a selection of biased posts that were liked by members of the organizations that are part of the UN-appointed “Independent” Review Group into UNRWA’s handling of its staff ties to terrorism:

Posts liked by Peter Lundberg, RWI Executive Director



Posts liked by Anne Ramberg, RWI Board Member

Translation: “It’s devastating to stop the support for #UNRWA. Even members of the liberal group in the EU Parliament understand this. Why don’t the Swedish liberals understand it? Good initiative from @samiraraf.”


Post liked by Jakob Sheikh, DIHR Communications Director

Translation: “I have written an editorial about what the Western countries’ withholding of support to @UNRWA means for Gaza – an enclave where four out of the five most hungry people on Earth currently find themselves.”


Post liked by Guri Rørtveit, Chair of CMI’s board in 2023

While she was Chair of CMI’s board in 2023, liked numerous posts that criticized Israel, but almost none if any that only condemned Hamas. This was true even in the immediate aftermath of the October 7th Hamas massacre. On and after October 17th, she liked numerous posts that falsely accused Israel, expressly or by implication, of bombing the Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza. In fact, the hospital was not bombed, it was the parking lot, and it was Islamic Jihad that did it, not Israel.

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