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🇨🇳 China to UN: “Tibetan cultural traditions are promoted and protected, and human rights of all ethnic groups are protected.” Fact-check: #False. Forced assimilation and

🇨🇳 China tells UNHRC: “Boarding schools are to facilitate schooling of children which reflects wishes of the people. Boarding schools are completely voluntary. There is

🇨🇳 China tells UNHRC: "Xinjiang and Tibet enjoy social stability, economic growth, ethnic unity, and religious harmony. People of all ethnic groups enjoy a wide

🇨🇳 China to the U.N. Human Rights Council: “In the 71 years since the peaceful liberation, Tibet has enjoyed vigorous economic progress, harmonious and stable

.@mbachelet You went to China and kowtowed to Xi Jinping. That is why 230 human rights groups rightly demand that you resign. When I see

🇨🇳 China claims Tibet under its rule enjoys "prosperity, democracy and an open future." FACT-CHECK: #False. China commits flagrant human rights abuses in Tibet including total

🇨🇳 China at the UN Human Rights Council: "Tibet enjoys social stability and religious harmony with extensive rights and freedoms." FACT-CHECK: China jails Tibetans for

Yang said China’s diplomats were becoming increasingly aggressive and he suspected Beijing may have been behind his barring from a Human Rights Council session in

25 years ago: China kidnapped 6-year-old Gedhun Choekyi Nyima, the 2nd most important figure in Tibetan Buddhism & world's youngest political prisoner—whereabouts unknown. Now: China

#China tears down Tibetan homes & businesses at Qinghai Lake. Tibetans in China routinely face political, economic & religious discrimination as well as human rights

Great news: Dhondup Wangchen, Tibetan filmmaker imprisoned by China for his documentary Leaving Fear Behind, has escaped. We spoke for him at the United Nations

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