Is UNHRC's inquiry on Gaza protests fair?

The question facing the Commission of Inquiry into Israel’s “assault” on Gaza “civilian protests” is whether they will exercise independence of scope, thought and action,

Watchdog Urges UN Chief to Condemn Palestine Rep's 'Racist Ties'

GENEVA, February 21, 2019 — The Geneva-based non-governmental organization UN Watch today filed a complaint with UN chief Antonio Guterres accusing the organization’s Palestine expert of legitimizing antisemites and presenting biased reports

Full Text: Australian PM Scott Morrison Speech on Israel & UN[0]=68.ARAyJn2cnlkzC-ImRQ8p6Eahptf5mg4mnL_f8AAKrzxTXxWArcafOI-4mvx6Mg3YsVHqWuRlKBR1uQhOBd4jyzv3Aaw2YeAUjpmZQQ9fToeRQQGyWZHFIGZGLocP2oZzhlEthDq0sCYoGaWDqxya5RmQcBix0P1HN9bRzyVA30rrtWc_kLYngyIFAVMwgqVlFOSvxtTnhuqU-Cruqxgo-eyHoJCPKUui3xjlGRESvV6pK8LUo84OhNeZI_KvY6LrRIbWoPPglzOeIdFkeugMbNWJ43NMF4LElDsugrLqyrIdidUWbH3HpVHJs7KM030PFr8wsGrHYM-5OUPOOAstp2gm9tg9Vw&__tn__=-R Prime Minister Stephen Morrison: On indulgence, I rise to acknowledge the 70th anniversary of Australia’s formal diplomatic relationship with the State of Israel and affirm our

Hillel Neuer in Sky News Australia on UNGA's Anti-Israel Bigotry[0]=68.ARDvuI84XT0VxHP0p2Z1EL95hRlG24s8TxEpGRpDfyW50y6iGF5P1uZEROruDf9YEblxPMekS6JhPVl9UJtvtcUjnZFnSkx_p902c8RGz-JJyzA1_40QIKqKJPrfu_wLWTekglBZw2HYNyEEhkHM_PBY3SG-3LbSfkF85aUk1fWfAxC-MsmPWD5VcWWGdJpNBsFVN3a11ax9pgO2WEMGcdcjaOJ4MjZZsyoxw_WVjCA0GurthMal3tD6DXkNltt7245RfPNjO7oi8SFyx_aI_DWv8TH_KrNwv7o3UjvYeQpe_FZVDP0N9lUwgAETH1gnHrWO2pJ8oTQBIm9KznjUrW3DZw&__tn__=C-R Live on Sky News Australia, UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer rips into the dictatorships and their apologists like Ken Roth who support the UN’s demonization of Israel this

UN Watch

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