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China selects U.N. free speech monitor — Hillel Neuer on Sky News Australia

GENEVA, July 21, 2020 — In an interview with Sky News Australia, UN Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer explained how China’s nominee to the Human Rights Council for free speech has “showered praise for the Chinese regime” and its Belt and Road Initiative which is considered one of the factors fueling the persecution of Uighurs.

China chairs the five nation UN Human Rights Council and has recently nominated Irene Khan – the former chair of Amnesty International – to be the council’s spokesperson on free speech. Mr. Neuer said in her role as chair of Amnesty International, Ms Khan stated her priorities were not civil rights and political liberties, but instead was an ardent proponent of fighting poverty.

“She turned Amnesty International from a group that was focused on prisoners of conscience … into an organisation that’s fighting poverty,” Mr. Neuer told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

He also pointed to her most recent position as the head of the International Development Law Organisation, during which she allegedly gave speeches in China showering praise for the regime and its Belt and Road Initiative.

“The Belt and Roads Initiative is considered one of the factors which is fueling the persecution of the Uighurs because it is at the heart of the infrastructure network in Central Asia which is the region where the Uighurs live,” Mr. Neuer said.

“Irene Khan has showered praise on which she said is China’s contribution to global sustainable development.

“It’s rather strange for someone who’s supposed to be a world champion of human rights.”

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