U.N. Rights Council debates racism – highlights

On Wednesday July 3rd, the Human Rights Council dealt with issues of racism and related forms of intolerance. Below are some highlights:

*   Pakistan, on behalf of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, says that Muslims throughout the world are confronted with discrimination and violence based on religion. They claim that antisemitism has become taboo while Islamophobia runs rampant.

*   Libya attacked Israel, stating that “the ugliest forms of racist and discriminatory practices…affect the Palestinian people under Israeli occupation and Israeli racist laws…”.

*   Iran states that Islamophobia and violence directed towards Muslims are prevalent in Western countries.

*   Russia, on behalf of seven former Soviet Republic states,  slams those who “…cast doubt on decisions of the Nuremberg tribunal…whitewash the Nazis and their henchmen and even declare them heroes…”, claiming that this is an “…open mockery of the memory of millions of people who fell…brutally tortured…burned and suffocated in concentration camps…”

*   China, in its right of reply, claims that it “…attaches great importance to the social, cultural and religious development of minorities…”. Additionally, it accused foreign powers of supporting separatist movements in Tibet and Xiang Jiang.


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