Facebook Page for UNRWA Schools in Jordan Shows Child Wielding Knife in UNRWA Class

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UNRWA Schools International – Jordan (مدارس وكالة الغوث الدولية – الاردن) is a Facebook page that provides information on UNRWA schools in Jordan to teachers, students and the broader community. The page has over 37,000 likes and frequently posts internal UNRWA documents, such as school calendars, class rosters, and lesson plans.
The UNRWA Jordan page also posts images that incite hatred, including those that erase Israel from the map. In one case, this UNRWA account posted an album from a teacher-administered poetry contest for students, which honors the Palestinian “martyr” Abdulrahim Mahmud. Images posted include a boy wielding a knife inside of an UNRWA classroom, with his UNRWA teachers grinning in the background.
UNRWA Schools International – Jordan Facebook page: https://www.Facebook.com/unrwa0schools/
UNRWA Jordan posts an image that erases Israel from the map, the opposite of education for peace and co-existence. Image 1

Image 1

UNRWA Jordan posts another image that erases Israel from the map. Image 2

Image 2

UNRWA Jordan posts an album of a poetry contest in which a student is shown wielding a knife and reciting the poem “The Martyr” by Abdul Rahim Mahmud. (See subsequent images.) Album


Photo from the poetry contest. UNRWA’s comment reveals that “Abu Alwaleed” is the supervisor of the event. The title of the photo album indicates that the poetry contest is for students in grades 5 and 6. Image 3

Image 3

UNRWA Jordan posts an image of an UNRWA student wielding a knife in the classroom, while wrapped in a keffiyeh. As revealed in the comment posted by UNRWA Jordan, the knife-wielding boy is a student of the UNRWA school, and the men in the background who are smirking in approval are UNRWA teachers. Image 4

Image 4

The comment by UNRWA Jordan on this post reveals that the boy dressed in a keffiyeh, and equipped with a knife inside the classroom, is reciting the poem “The Martyr” by Abdulrahim Mahmud. Comment 1 

Comment 1
The Martyr

As disclosed by UNRWA Jordan in the comment section of Post J14.7, the poem read by the young UNRWA student wielding a knife in Post J14.5 is “The Martyr” by Abdulrahim Mahmud. The poem, as its title suggests, details the glorified death sought by a martyr.
As this is a 5th and 6th Grade UNRWA poetry contest, the boy is likely only 10 or 11 years old. His UNRWA teachers smirk at him wielding a knife and teach him to recite a poem that includes the lines “I see my death, but I rush to it” and “[L]ife has no value to me!”
When a U.N. school for Palestinians repeatedly promotes the goal of Palestine from the river to the sea, erases Israel from the map, and indoctrinates young and vulnerable boys to embrace martyrdom, this amounts to dangerous incitement to hatred and terrorism.

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