Ghassan Fathi, UNRWA Instructor, Posts Antisemitic Video

Following is one of the 40 perpetrators identified in UN Watch’s 130-page report entitled “Poisoning Palestinian Children: A Report on UNRWA Teachers’ Incitement to Jihadist Terrorism & Antisemitism.”
Ghassan Fathi identifies himself on his Facebook profile as an employee at UNWRA’s Siblin Training Center (above). He published the video, screenshot below, in October 2015. The video is an interview of Wassim al-Sissy, an Egyptian urologist. Al-Sissy asserts that America has become “putty in the hands of Global Zionism.” In the video, the speaker approves of the notion that “the Jews in our country have gained control of our stomachs, our minds and our urges. All that is left is to change the name New York to Jew York.” He then falsely purports to quote Benjamin Franklin as saying, “The undoing of America will be at the hands of the Jews.”
Fathi’s Facebook:

UN Watch

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