Hamas condemns UNRWA removal of teacher for incitement to terrorism

The Hamas terrorist organization condemned UNRWA, the UN agency that runs school for Palestinians, after its commissioner-general Philippe Lazzarini ordered his Lebanon director to suspend a teacher for inciting terrorism on social media, one of 133 UNRWA staff identified in a report last week by UN Watch and IMPACT-se.

From the Hamas-linked Palestinian Information Center:


Hamas denounces UNRWA’s decision to punish teacher for supporting martyr Ibrahim Nabulsi:

(Palestinian Information Center) — The Hamas movement in Lebanon denounced UNRWA’s decision to punish Professor Riyad Mustafa because of his stance on the martyr Ibrahim Nabulsi.

The Mass Action Council of the “Hamas” movement in Lebanon said: “We condemn UNRWA’s decision, and declare our rejection of it, and we consider that this behavior of UNRWA is repressive behavior that contradicts the human right to freedom, thinking and expression.”

The Hamas council rejected UNRWA’s reliance on UN Watch, which it said implements Zionist policies and has hostile stances towards the rights of the Palestinian people.

Hamas called on UNRWA to quickly reverse this unjust decision, to restore Professor Mustafa to his work immediately, and to stop this policy, which is contrary to the most basic human rights, as he put it.

Hamas stressed the unity of the Palestinian political and popular position in Lebanon, supporting the cause of Professor Mustafa and opposing the behavior of UNRWA.

Hamas supporters in Lebanon saluted Professor Riyad Mustafa for his patriotic stance, considering that this is not strange for teachers and all the Palestinian people.

UNRWA suspended Mr. Riyad Mustafa from his work as a teacher at the Agency’s Al-Manara School in Nahr Al-Bared, northern Lebanon, under the pretext of publishing patriotic material on social media, which it considered incitement and a violation of neutrality.

This caused a great uproar in the Palestinian political, educational and popular circles in Lebanon.  It was not confined to the borders of the camp where his work center is, but rather extended to all camps.


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UN Watch