Ultimatum by UNRWA Staff Over Teacher Suspended for Inciting Violence

Following is the latest news on the uproar over UNRWA’s decision to suspend one of 133 teachers and staff exposed for promoting hate and violence, as revealed in a joint report by UN Watch and Impact-SE.

From the Palestinian Press Agency, March 23, 2023:

Teachers Union in Lebanon gives UNRWA until end of March to resolve issue of dismissed teacher

The UNRWA Teachers Union in Lebanon has given the agency’s administration until the end of this March to address the issue of dismissing the teacher, Riyad Nimr Mustafa, from his work at Al-Manara School in Nahr Al-Bared camp, for sharing patriotic publications on social media.

The federation announced the suspension of all trade union movements and strikes until it received a response from the agency’s management, hinting at an escalation in the event that UNRWA did not abide by the period granted to it.

The deadline for the union was submitted by the dismissed teacher to the Teachers Union with the aim of not obstructing the educational process with strikes, especially with the advent of the month of Ramadan.

The sectoral committee of the federation met on Tuesday, March 21 and welcomed the deadline presented by the dismissed teacher. The committee then shared it with the youth movements and concerned representatives of the local community in the popular committees for study and appropriate assessment, according to the federation.

The union drew attention to the response of the youth movements and committees to idea adopted by the Teachers Union to temporarily suspend the escalation, but the movements insisted on continuing the school strike in Nahr al-Bared camp until the issue is resolved in a way that satisfies everyone, which is the return of Mustafa to his school based on the time period given to UNRWA.

On Friday, March 17, UNRWA suspended Mustafa, a teacher at its al-Manara school in northern Lebanon, from work. Because of his participation in national publications on social networking sites of the Palestinian martyr Ibrahim Al-Nabulsi.

The dismissal of the teacher sparked widespread reactions and a protest movement, represented by a general and comprehensive strike called for by the Palestinian factions in the northern region and the Teachers Union, amid calls for continued escalation until the agency reverses its decision.


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