Hillel Neuer Addresses Knesset on UN’s Anti-Israel Bias

Following is the testimony delivered by UN Watch Executive Director in the Israeli Knesset in Jerusalem, in the hearing chaired by MK Michal Cotler-Wunsh on November 24, 2020.


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Thank you, Chair.

Our mission at UN Watch is to monitor the United Nations by the principles of its Charter, which guarantees equal treatment to all nations large and small.

Nowhere is that promise violated more frequently and more egregiously than by the UN’s one-sided, disproportionate and selective resolutions that single out Israel for discriminatory treatment.

As we meet here in the Knesset, the world parliament, the UN General Assembly, is busy targeting Israel this month with 17 one-sided resolutions. By contrast, there will be a total of 7 resolutions on the rest of the world combined.

That’s right: one on Iran, one on Syria, one on North Korea—and 17 on Israel.

Meanwhile, millions of human rights victims around the globe—in places like China, Iraq, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Cuba, Turkey, Pakistan, Algeria, Zimbabwe, and in more than 170 other countries—go completely ignored.

Some people in this country think the UN doesn’t matter. “Oom-shmoom.“ [The UN, shmoo-en…]

But the UN assault on Israel poisons the hearts and minds of hundreds of millions worldwide. It grants the imprimatur of international legitimacy that fuels the boycott movement. It sends a signal to Hamas and other terrorist groups that the world is with them. 

We need to demand that democracies like the UK, France and Germany respect the UN’s founding principles—which they claim to believe in—by ending their support for the UN’s obsessive scapegoating of the world’s only Jewish state, and to instead work on protecting human rights for the victims who need it most. 

Thank you, Madam Chair.



UN Watch