Ibrahim Sabbagh (Abu Khalil), UNRWA Teacher in Syria, Incites Violence & Rejects Israel’s Right to Exist

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Ibrahim Sabbagh (Abu Khalil) lists himself only as working at UNRWA in Syria. However, he is also a member of the group “English Teachers of UNRWA,” indicating that he is actually an English teacher at UNRWA. He posts a video inciting violence against Israel and an image denying Israel’s right to exist.

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The video posted by this UNRWA teacher features graphic scenes of violence, including armed Hamas fighters, children carrying weapons, and children decorating rockets which will be aimed at Israel. It threatens that Palestinians will not remain “dispossessed refugees” but that they are “returning,” presumably to reclaim Israeli lands through armed resistance as depicted in the video.

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In this March 30, 2020 post, Ibrahim Sabbagh shares an image of a Palestinian holding a key, symbolizing “return” along with the caption: “We shall return to the land”; “The land is ours and we will return to it”; and the reference to “27,000” kilometers. The message is that Palestinians reject Israel’s right to exist, and vow to reclaim the entire area that is now the State of Israel. The burning tire is a symbol of violence, and along with the barbed wire fence, recalls the hostile “March of Return” border confrontations. The post is a call to arms.


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