Today: New York Daily News Endorses UN Watch Resolution to Fire Falk


SATURDAY, MAY 11, 2013

U.S. has to push UN Human Rights Council to can hate-monger Richard Falk

Panel’s special investigator spouts conspiracy nonsense about Israel and America

The United States will have the opportunity next month to force the United Nations Human Rights Council to vote on a resolution to fire Richard Falk as the panel’s special investigator of conditions in the Palestinian territories.

The council is devoted to pillorying Israel at every turn, and Falk is just the man for that job. He has called Israel’s leaders Nazis and posted a cartoon of a dog with a Star of David eating a human carcass and urinating on Lady Justice.

Most recently, he blamed America and Israel for the Boston Marathon bombing.

Falk expanded on that infuriating thought last week by saying of the U.S., “engaging in military undertakings around the world is bound to produce some kinds of resistance, and that resistance, as in the Boston incident, can assume a pathological form.”

Fortunately, UN Watch, a Geneva-based nonprofit organization credentialed to the UN, is circulating a resolution calling on the council to dump Falk.

The group needs a national sponsor to place the measure under official consideration.

Go for it, President Obama.

Source: NY Daily News



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